PARENTAL ADVISORY… EXPLICIT CONTENT…FACTS. I’m buzzer buzzerbeater on you buzzard feeders. You roadkill. My flow’d fill like a dozen eaters. Keep the roads clean…Meanwhile mob boss voice in my head says “Ay kid…keep ya nose clean”. Lyricist in my head says “keep ya flows clean”…be “the most” twice. Most nice and the most mean. I rhyme cold blindfold. Yeah. It’s no seein’. He could shoot a motherfuckin’ video. You won’t see him…He John Cena…Beyond pheno…menal. on the other side where the lawn’s greener… I’ll leave THE WHOLE WORLD shook well. Orangina… It’s time for a TURNAROUND. It’s MY TURN to turn up on your ass sumthin like a TED or a TINA. A rap gladiator in a ghetto arena but I ain’t playing games for you lames entertainment. It’s N-A-M-E-S Entertainment. Hit N-A-M-E-S with a payment. BARZ from “KARMA”… Off the new Album BRIAN BRAGG… Available on iTunes and Google Play and in the streets… New Year’s Day. That’s dope how that kinda rhymes… If you reading this last part you are one of the few thorough ones left…lol. Be proud. Stay tuned for more premium quality lyrics. Thanks for supporting real rap. N-A-M-E-S

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