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“ME NAH CARE” You ha fe try fe test the rocket launcher. I’ll murder you like any type o’ tracks I’m rockin’ on. JAH must be PROUD… Me music must be loud. Me ganja leave a musty cloud. You gwan choke ’til you numb like you on coke. You gwan broke. You never try fe find no work but every cipher want smoke. Ease back… like coke & soda boiled, I told you the beats crack. Bloodclot. I’m dumb hot like it be when the beach packed. Bloodcleet. Ain’t nun ’ sweet. Lay you down on the streets flat! Lay you down on the streets flat! Punk! Me nah care! Verse 2 Your mudda’s cunt. How much you put in on this blunt? You couldn’t offer me to buy the dutch? To try to touch my bud is un- reasonable. Him not tuchin’ my trees, now pull this miserable fool out of my space. I’ll knock drool out of his face. Pull a tool out of his waist, he better use it on the spot. I’ll make your momma cry she miss you, tissue use it on her snot. #menahcare #freemixtape #freemusic #rap #lyricist #namespeare #nextup #hiphop #happynewyear #dope #gunhillroad #jamaica #ganja #lol #follow #new #nowplaying #artist #artistdevelopment #underground #233rd #unknown #raw #brianbragg #mixtape #freedownload

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