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“Cop Dat N-A-M-E-S” I am ALL OF THE ABOVE… I know you hate it. I be mad sick. Sh*t is bugged when I create it. I ain’t playin’ ‘round wit’ you…No phony fake sh*t. Gimme dough… Gimme money or I gotta take it. Go… Cop Dat N-A-M-E-S Go… Cop Dat N-A-M-E-S Verse Hock spit. Lock sh*t down like a pair o’ cuffs… Known the whole world round… Not just in America. Get a free black ski mask and a pair o’ gloves when you buy my sh*t. I’m the sh*t for real niggaz. I’m too…cool… Drool when I pull out a fresh new dish. I’m the best. You wish you could just do this with the “specialness” that I bless you with. I am just too twis-ted. Mis-fit . Get sh*t-ted…on if you want. Get gone if you want. I am prolific, dunce. I am throwin’ piff in blunts. Have your colon for lunch… Eat your ass by noon. Robot. So hot, I done flew by July and passed by June. I’m an ASS. I MOON haters… Now I’m just waitin ’ patiently… Hopin’ someone ‘ll come kiss my BACKSIDE soon. Either that or kick it. I rap all wicked. “What should we do with your JIMMIE”? SUCK THAT or LICK IT. ATTACK dog SICK IT! When I black on the track. Leave your ass cracked like a six-pack malt liquor. Better clap your “Blicka” when you back your “Blicka” out on me ‘fore I re-act more quicker. I’ll leave you damp. Leave you damp. Wanna be me? You can’t. Me? You can’t. I am a tree,you branch. Tree. You branch. Celebrity. You fans? Pee-yoo!!! Damn!! I’m funky as fu*k. “Fo rilla”. I’m iller than a gorilla killin’ a little chimpanzee. Little monkey…you suck…on my banana. Man fu*k ya. I can’t stand ya. I abuse it. I don’t ever stop the music like what… like I’m Rihanna. #everything #flixtape #mixtape #new #music #book #photooftheday #pic #visionary #artist #author #rapper #lyricist #inspiredbyet #me #gr8days #instagood #names #120 #2016 #follow #comment #freemusic #like #share #realrap #awesome

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