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“U know this is TRUE… SOMETHING is killing U so you’re hunting the Killer ’til U notice its U.” N-A-M-E-S You’re just complicating my life. You’re just buildin’ a hill up… More and more and “Morris” the number that Phillip ‘ll kill up as we develop his till up…’til our register’s short… I told him I ain’t want a whole one. I said, “just a short”… A “cut”… I gotta cut it out ‘fore I’m dead. Just abort… like miscarriages. Nothin’ “New”. All I get is a “Port”… I just wanna look “Kool” down by the *”Mall” in my *”Borough”… You be callin’ me lame. I thought you was callin’ me thorough. All you say is “Good buy!” I’m never receiving a “Hello”… Lungs impeded, gums receeded, teeth a deepening yellow… Soon as you get “Lucky”, you “Strike” like a snake in a pit… I think of you when I drink and when I’m takin’ a sh*t. On my mind when I’m rhymin’ grindin’ at makin’ a hit. Even that “half” that I have in the ashtray could get lit…But I’m killing myself. A hired assassin wiring cash in installments meaning I’m basically billing myself. Commercial shoots target youth, who pullin the trigger back tho? Who takes a pull each m e we take a pull of “Big Tobacco”. I’m “running back”. You’re in my pocket. You’re too big to tackle. Slavery no thank you these ankles and wrists too big to shackle… I joined the resistance. I wrote this to piss the bosses in offices off and annoy the assistants. You’ve peddled poison consistently. We applaud the persistence… with a standing ovation…What a pain. What a shame. Its “plane” you’ll eventually bring me down like a landing location , You expanding locatjons like the stance of a dancer… Pitchin’ bottles o’ bodily harm and cans o’ the cancer. You gota give the “butt ” the boot man it can’t be handled by san- dals. So kick the habit before you get kicked and trampled by “Camels”. #coldturkey #hiphop #cigarrettes #squares #bogies #bigarrettes #cowboykillers #bones #loosies #stogies #stogs #cancersticks #cancer #surgeon #generals #warning #nyc #controversy #wtf #😤 #artistoftheyear #artistdevelopment #nyc #rhyme #rap #RT #indie #hiphop

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